Hi, you’re here!

Welcome to my new blog called The Chloe Journals. My blog is about starting new and following my ambitions to become a Journalist when i’m older. Now i won’t go into too much detail about who i am and what my life is about because you can read that in my About me page.

My blog will split up into 3 categories. The first is called ChloeNews . This is where I will present my articles which will keep you updated with showbiz and celebrities and general news in society. The next category is ChloeReports . This includes all my reviews of TV shows, soundtracks and movies and music (so you will receive all the gossip there!). The third category is ChloeBlogs this will include advice on lifestyle and how to help people through common struggles in society. The last category is ChloeCaptures, this is where I will be sharing my new hobby of photography and I will be uploading photos that I have taken. Furthermore, I have recently added a new category called MyWork which features my own written articles that have been published in magazines. I have currently added a new category called

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Also i would talk about my life story and my ambitions but why not read the About me section!

Thank you,

Love Chloe Grace xx

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